Caregiver Training: Continuing Education

mmLearn.org offers low cost video webcast contact hours (Continuing Nursing Education or CNE) for Nurses and continuing education for

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TEXAS BOARD OF NURSING (BON) NEW Training Requirement Effective Jan. 1, 2014

"Geriatric Care or Older Adult – all nurses who provide nursing care to any patient or patients who are older adults must complete at least two contact hours related to the older adult or geriatric care every licensure renewal cycle."   

For more information about the new CNE requirement, click here.

Behavioral Management for Patients with Dementia
Nurses*, Social Workers

Adverse Drug Events in Elderly Nursing Home Residents
Nurses*, Social Workers

*If you are not a resident of Texas, please check with the nursing board in the state in which you are licensed to determine if this CNE meets the specific requirements of your board of nursing.

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