The Team

Maria Wellisch, RN, LNFA – Vice President of Corporate Education

THE VISION behind mmLearn.org. As an RN, with a full career in nursing and working in LTC as well as caring for her own mother, Maria was fully aware of the lack of quality caregiver training available for professionals as well as for the family caregivers who are suddently thrust into the caregiving role. Her initial idea of offering on-line training for Morningside Ministries’ staff has grown to offering on-line training for ALL caregivers. She is one of our most watched presenters, a mentor for Morningside staff and the leading force behind mmLearn.org.  Her vision and determination to offer quality training for ALL caregivers has benefited people all over the world.

Nina R. Guerra, RN – Executive Director

Nina has been with mmLearn.org since its inception in 2006. Her experience in the field of education and training as well as her broad knowledge of web and video technology make her a key force behind our caregiver training. Because of her love for the unique and extraordinary needs of caregivers of older adults, Nina has combined her technological experience with a degree in nursing. We know that her degree will greatly add to the mission and vision of mmLearn.org.

Michael Olivares –  Multimedia Specialist

Michael is our “man behind the camera” — and he’s also the only man on our small team!  mmLearn.org would not be able to do what we do without the video production and graphic design skills that Michael brings to us. We are always amazed with his creativity and professionalism. Perhaps working with women all day has been good training for him — he and his wife recently welcomed twin girls to their family! We're sure his video production skills will be used after hours as well — filming those two precious babies!