Pastoral Care for Elderly

When faced with the challenges and decisions of caring for an aging loved one, family members often turn to religious institutions and staff for guidance and support.

"The needs of the spirit are as critical to health as those individual organs which make up the body", wrote Florence Nightingale. has a number of programs available for free for the caregiver who is providing pastoral care.

Spirituality and Aging Caregiver's Conference
This year is proud to offer our annual "Spirituality & Aging Caregiver's Conference" as an online, web-based conference available for all.  Presenters will examine the significance of spirituality to an aging population, the effects on the caregiver and insights about how spirituality and aging influences lives and communities.  Watch this free webcast series today!

Prayers for a Caregiver Series is beginning a new series in 2012 for caregivers who care for our elders.  Inspirational messages and prayers for the caregiver are brief and uplifiting mini webcasts that you can view anytime.  Click here and stay tuned for new videos which will be posted monthly.

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Free online education for those who care for older adults.

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